With more than 500 member organizations working in the areas of immigrant rights, health care, food security, affordable housing, economic opportunity, reproductive justice, and dozens of other issues, it’s our members that make PIF a powerhouse. Joining PIF is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Read the Membership Principles

PIF members are united by 10 foundational principles. The first step to joining the coalition is to read the brief but essential principles, share and discuss them with your colleagues, and confirm that your organization can agree to those principles.

2. Choose a working group (or more than one)

Much of PIF’s work is done through seven working groups that bring member organizations together based on expertise and interest:

  1. Federal Advocacy: Cultivates Members of Congress as champions and spokespeople. Develops and advances legislative and administrative policy change strategies.
  2. Policy and Legal Analysis: Provides technical analysis of proposed and implemented policy changes.
  3. Research: Convenes researchers working on issues connected to PIF’s agenda, and identifies research needs. Makes data accessible to advocates, policymakers, and the public.
  4. Communications: Develops PIF’s communications strategy and materials, including message strategy, media relations, and digital outreach.
  5. Field: Activates state and local groups to influence federal policymakers and to mitigate the effect of federal policy change.
  6. State Policy: Brings together state advocates and legal and policy experts to provide analysis and develop strategies to mitigate the effect of federal policy changes and advance state and local reforms that improve safety net access for immigrant families.
  7. Community Education: Convenes members to share best practices and approaches on how to educate and empower immigrant families on their eligibility for public programs and tap their power as advocates for change.

3. Complete the Membership Form