Public Charge Advocates Resources

Use these resources to learn more about the new public charge rule and share information with your community.

Documenting the Harm of Past Public Charge Policies

This brief provides an overview of research documenting that the lead up to and rollout of the Trump public charge policy created a pronounced and persistent “chilling effect.” The brief also summarizes the consequences: immigrants and their family members disenrolling from or failing to enroll in critical health, nutrition, and economic supports for which they were eligible, including Medicaid, the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

This chilling effect is still felt today, despite the common sense Biden rule, as immigrants and their families experience ongoing fear and confusion.

What Advocates Need to Know

Updated following the issuance of the Biden Administration’s final public charge regulation, this overview answers key questions facing advocates for immigrant families.

Starting with basic definitions of the concept of public charge, this resource also explores specific details, including:

What Does the Biden Public Charge Regulation Mean for Children?

First Focus has updated their policy brief on the public charge rule. With a focus on the approximately 1-in-4 children in the United States who have an immigrant parent, the brief examines the impact of the public charge policy on children and their families.

This excellent background document provides a clear overview of public charge and can be used in PIF partner advocacy and education with policymakers, communicators, and others.