Kids and Benefits Toolkit

Connect families in your community with public programs that can help them thrive!

PIF and partners have developed a series of educational materials that help inform immigrant families about their rights and protections in accessing benefits, as well as share the many benefits that members of their family may be eligible to receive.

All materials are meant to be adapted to your use – add a logo, navigation contact information, and/or personalize the information to best reach your community.

A one-page flier, translated into 9 languages, contains a QR code that links to a “Family Benefits Checklist,” available in English and Spanish. Unfortunately, most websites linked on that checklist are not available in more languages. We encourage you to make your own version of this checklist, linking to resources directly in your state or city, using the common names your state has for public programs, and translating this into the top languages for your local immigrant communities.

Click on the following links to access a simple one-page flier in the following languages:

Additional materials are available in English and Spanish:

The materials are available as “read-only.” To create a working copy you can edit:

  1. Hover over the File menu
  2. Hover over Make a copy, then click on Entire presentation
  3. Choose name, folder, and sharing settings you like and click OK

With any of these items that you use, adapt, or personalize, we encourage you to share your final products with PIF! Please share any examples with us by emailing