Organizational Sign-On Letters

PIF is coordinating several sign-on letters over the next few weeks, offering partners and allies opportunities to raise their voices on critical issues affecting immigrant families. This page provides background and forms you can use to sign your organization on to one or more of the letters.

These letters represent an opportunity to unite the immigrant rights and health and human services fields in defense of shared priorities. We encourage all partners and allies to sign on. Hospitals, community health centers, and other health care providers and their associations, food pantries, WIC clinics and other food security organizations, faith organizations, and similar organizations can make an even bigger impact.

Public Charge Congressional Review Act Resolution

Opened: May 24. Closing: TBA.

The U.S. House of Representatives is expected to vote within the next few weeks on a Republican-led resolution aimed at reversing the Biden public charge regulation — a top PIF priority. The U.S. Senate narrowly passed the resolution in May, though the 50-47 margin fell well below the supermajority required to overturn a presidential veto. President Biden has committed to veto the resolution, if it reaches his desk.

However, we take any attack on immigrant families seriously and are committed to mounting an effective defense. And we will alert signatories when and if the legislation advances in the House.

By signing your organization onto the letter, you are formally expressing your organization’s opposition to the bill. The letter will be shared in a variety of contexts, including with congressional offices, journalists, and on social media.

LIFT the BAR Act

Opened: May 9. Closing: TBA.

The Lifting Immigrant Families Through Benefits Access Restoration (LIFT the BAR Act) will soon be reintroduced in Congress. The legislation would repeal the arbitrary “5 Year Bar” and lower other barriers to health care, food security, and antipoverty programs for millions in immigrant families.

We plan to release an endorsement letter shortly after the bill is reintroduced, as a show of support for this landmark legislation. Our sign-on letter has been circulating for a few weeks and already has hundreds of signatories. Click here to check if your organization has already signed on.

Our aim is to secure more signatories this year than the 750 organizations endorsing the bill last year. If you have not yet signed on, please do. If you have, please encourage your network of partner organizations and coalitions to consider signing on.

Has my organization signed-on?

To check whether your organization has signed on to one or more of the letters, review this spreadsheet. Because we have several letters moving at the same time, the sheet has 3 tabs. The first tab, Form with Both LTBA and CRA, captures responses to a single consolidated form used for both LIFT the BAR Act and Congressional Review Act letters. The LTBA Only tab includes only LIFT the BAR Act signatories. And the CRA Only tab includes only Congressional Review Act signatories. Your organization might have signed on to one form or another, so please check all applicable tabs. For all tabs, use Google Sheets’ search function (Ctrl+F / Command+F) to find your organization by name or website.

If you have other questions, please email