COVID-19 & Vaccine Outreach

Community health and well-being starts with having correct information and access to vital healthcare resources. Since 2020, PIF has taken a proactive approach to address the onslaught of fear, misinformation, and confusion immigrant families have faced as information regarding COVID-19 has rapidly changed. We’ve continued to work on COVID-19 vaccine education and access and are also focusing on flu vaccine outreach.

COVID-19 Vaccine Videos

In an effort to #ProtectFamilies, PIF developed informative COVID-19 vaccine videos in Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Haitian Creole, English, French, Korean, Spanish, Tagalog, and Vietnamese, which have reached over 4,000 views.

Vaccine Toolkit

Recently, PIF partnered with La Clínica del Pueblo, ACCESS, and the Coalition for Asian American Children and Families to develop vaccine promotion materials that speak specifically to their immigrant communities’ cultures, information needs, and educational approaches to assist your outreach efforts.

Vaccine Advocacy

Vaccination PosterIn order to secure immigrant access to COVID-19 relief, we’ve worked with partners to build support at a national level. This included advocating for the Build Back Better Act, including funding for food and nutrition services, expansion of the child tax credit for ITIN holders, additional funding for health care services for the uninsured (including undocumented individuals), and health center funding. And, we continue collaborating with our partners to ensure that immigrant families have equitable access to supports. 

After free COVID tests were provided on, PIF quickly drafted a letter to the Department of Health and Human Services and the Postmaster General advocating changes to the website to make it more accessible for immigrants and their families. We focused on the need for a clear notice that all are eligible regardless of immigration status, safeguarding privacy, providing language access, and increasing access to more tests for large families. The site is now available in Spanish and Chinese, and provides phone numbers with translation lines, where tests can be ordered. 

PIF has also worked with local community organizations to develop and disseminate in-language educational vaccine materials. The educational materials were shared with other PIF partners as well as best practices for immigrant community outreach and education on COVID-19 and the flu.  

Many of our educational materials come from our community education working group, which consists of organizations from around the country who are advocating to improve access to benefits and healthcare resources for immigrants. Join the working group to join the fight.